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Just recently, it has become our custom to suggest a theme for the following quarter to stimulate the creative juices. It is a sheer joy to discover the wide variety of interpretations that members come up with, some thoughtful, some comic, some plainly bizarre.
This, therefore, is not a complete list, but represents just those poems submitted as a response to this particular challenge, and I should warn you that links to the set theme are sometime a little tenuous.

October 2011Under the clock at Waterloo
January 2012Random words challenge
April 2012Spring / Easter
July 2012The Queen's Jubilee / The Olympics
October 2012The weather
January 2013Night / darkness
April 2013Creatures / St. George and the Dragon
July 2013Families
October 2013Something "local"
January 2014Celebration
April 2014April Fools
July 2014Holidays
Fairlight Players (2014)