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A complete list of the poems featured on this site in alphabetical order.

A Celibate Celebration Norman Dengate
A Mother's LamentBetty Batt
A Poem to Chew Over Keith Jellicoe
A Strangeth Tale of the Dragon and St GeorgeKeith Jellicoe
After Christmas Blues Kathy McKay Sinclair
Albert and the Shark Carol Prior
An April FoolElizabeth Manwaring
An Outing With The RelliesCarol Prior
April FoolKathy McKay Sinclair
April FoolMary Stewart
April FoolVal Gibbs
Autumn Jennifer Annetts
Before the expedition leaves Keith Miller
Blow Wind Blow Carol Prior
Break Into Health & Safety Keith Jellicoe
But Is There A Snake In The Grass?Carol Prior
CelebrationElizabeth Manwaring
CelebrationJennifer Annetts
CelebrationMary Stewart
Celebration or GalaKathy McKay Sinclair
CelebrationsBill Sapsford
CelebrationsVal Gibbs
Christmas CelebrationNorman Dengate
Collecting Tin; Give In? Keith Jellicoe
Creatures Kathy McKay Sinclair
Daisy Kathy McKay Sinclair
Dance Assortment Keith Jellicoe
Darkness Kathy McKay Sinclair
Diamond Jubilee Margaret Hall
Dylis Kathy McKay Sinclair
Fairlight Kathy McKay Sinclair
Fairlight Kelly Harmer
Fairlight Norman Dengate
Fair Play on BroadwayKeith Jellicoe
Food For Thought (or The Life and Reminiscences
of a Recently Departed and Much-Loved Brussel Sprout)
Keith Miller
Global Warming (The Weather Man's Lament) Carol Prior
Guestling Betty Batt
Healthy DietKeith Miller
Holiday? In CombasMary Stewart
Holiday NostalgiaCarol Prior
HolidaysAubrey Sinden
HolidaysKathy McKay Sinclair
Holidays - A HistoryCarol Prior
Holidays Had Before
Norman Dengate
Holidays? Retiringly Too Busy!Keith Jellicoe
I Wish I'd Dared Kathy McKay Sinclair
King of the Beasties Mary Stewart
Memories of FergusKeith Miller
Molly's Night Out Kathy McKay Sinclair
Mount Martha Beach Carol Prior
New Shoes Kathy McKay Sinclair
New Year's Eve, 2008 Carol Prior
New Year's Resolution Keith Miller
Night Kathy McKay Sinclair
Ode to a Sales Director Aubrey Sinden
Ode to a well loved welly Keith Miller
Olympics Betty Batt
Our FamilyKathy McKay Sinclair
ParalympicsMargaret Hall
Picnic At The Lake Carol Prior
Rye Bay Carol Prior
ScarecrowElizabeth Manwaring
ScrappageKeith Jellicoe
September Morning Kathy McKay Sinclair
Special DaysJennifer Annetts
Spring Val Gibbs
Spring Cleaning Margaret Hall
St. George & the dragon Felicity Bullock
St. George & the dragon (the alternative legend) Keith Miller
Ten WordsNorman Dengate
The Antics of Humans (by The Dog) Felicity Bullock
The Barn OwlElizabeth Manwaring
The Days Are Drawing In Felicity Bullock
The Echoing Green Val Gibbs
The French Professor's VisitKeith Jellicoe
The Odds of AprilNorman Dengate
The One For Me Betty Batt
The Tale of Eric Soddit Flame Aubrey Sinden
The Tale of Mr. Waite Aubrey Sinden
The Weather Felicity Bullock
The Weather 2 Felicity Bullock
The Weather Norman Dengate
The Weather Val Gibbs
To Spring - or Not to Spring Aubrey Sinden
TsunamiMary Stewart
Under the Clock Felicity Bullock
Under the Clock Margaret Hall
Under the clock at Waterloo Kathy McKay Sinclair
Under the clock at Waterloo Keith Miller
Under the clock at Waterloo (RAF version)Norman Dengate
Valentine Kathy McKay Sinclair
WarKeith Jellicoe
Whether, WeatherKeith Jellicoe
Wild RabbitsCarol Prior
Winter Kathy McKay Sinclair
Fairlight Players (2014)