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Big Bad Mouse

A Farce by Philip King and Falkland L. Cary

Produced by Carol Ardley

Fiona Jones Aisling Tigwell
Harold Hopkins Tom Miller
Miss Spencer Penny Kenward
Mr. Price-Hargraves Steve Hill
Mr. Bloome Roland Garrad
Lady Chesapeake Sue Duffy
Doris Povey Alice Tigwell
The action takes place in the Orders Office of Chunkibix Limited over a three-day period in December.


In the Orders Office of Chunkibix Ltd., it is decidedly Mr. Price-Hargraves who gives the orders and little Mr. Bloome who obeys them. Until, that is, Mr. Bloome is one day astonishingly accused of chasing a young female person across Wandsworth Common. To his and Mr. Price-Hargraves' amazement this reprehensible conduct, so far from consigning Mr. Bloome to outer darkness, makes him the hero of every woman and girl in the office, not least Price-Hargraves' hitherto devoted secretary Miss Spencer. So glorious is Bloome's transformation, in fact, that when the young person in question discovers she has made a mistake in her identification, Bloome is the reverse of pleased, and determines to keep her quiet.

The Tigwell sisters, Aisling (above) and Alice (left) hit Fairlight in this light-hearted nonsense play which, when first performed in London starred Jimmy Edwards in the role of Mr. Price-Hargraves, while Eric Sykes was the unlikely hero, Mr. Bloome.
This lovely picture below shows the cast with some of the backstage crew, including rarely seen glimpses of Bobbie Crossman (second left), John Veness (at the back - testing the reflection of the lights on his head) and Les Hall (second right). Carol Ardley, the producer of the play, is seated between the Tigwell sisters.