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The Fairlight Players Archive

Not surprisingly, after some 60 years spent entertaining the local community (as well as themselves) the Fairlight Players have amassed a fairly substantial quantity of paper. Old scripts, posters, flyers, programmes, pictures and newspaper cuttings - former officers and members have been very diligent in collecting all sorts of stuff, and we thought it was about time that we sorted through it so that other people could enjoy it.

Ok, I admit it ... the picture isn't actually our archive cupboard (it wasn't quite that bad), but, thankfully, the colossal task of sorting through it and preparing it for publication is now just about complete. For convenience, the archive is divided into sections.

List of Performances Clicking on this link is rather like opening the door to C.S. Lewis's wardrobe, as you step through it into a wonderful and magical world. For some, it will be a world of memories and nostalgia. For others, a social history and an insight into how community works. The key to this door is a complete list of every production* staged by the Fairlight Players since the formation of the group in 1950. In each case, just click on the title to find more information, including cast lists, posters, pictures, reviews, and intelligent(?) commentary.
Roll of Honour In this section we aim to list all* those who have been named in past programmes, whether as cast members, producers/directors or behind the scenes. Apart from giving these people the recognition that they deserve, we hope that, through this medium, we might in due course be able to re-establish contact with some former members and/or their families.
The Mystery Box

* Inevitably, there is the odd glitch in the records - a missing programme, an unexplained gap or unresolved mystery - and we would value your help to remedy these shortfalls. While we will always be happy to receive any additonal information, this page lists a number of items that we would be especially interested in. There are also one or two pictures that we have, as yet, been unable to identify. Please take a look and see if you can help us. 

If you have any information, pictures, old programmes etc., relating to the Fairlight Players that we could use in the archive, please do contact us. We would be equally interested in your reminiscences, news of former members, or simply your comments about the site.

Have fun as you explore this treasure trove of our history, and as you do so, spare a thought for the many, many people whose hard work and dedication are represented here, and consider just how many thousands of lives must have been enriched through their efforts.